Newsies Jr.

The newsies stand in front of the stage looking at other members of the cast.
Members of the Newsies cast hold up newspapers to the audience
The warden is led out by police as %22Teddy Roosevelt%22 looks on.
Governor Teddy Roosevelt is shown on stage during Newsies
The leads of Newsies sing during the performance
Some of the Newsies are shown on the top part of the stage
Members of the Newsies cast are shown in front of the printing press
Pulitzer speaks to Jack as other cast members look on.
Pulitzer sits at his desk as Katherine stands by
One of the Newsies holds up a paper that reads %22Newsies Stop the World%22 as others look on
A Newsie holds up the paper while a group stands behind him.
Medda touches Jack's face in front of his artwork during Newsies
The Newsies are shown on stage during the production
Three actors are shown sitting on the stage.
Crutchy sits on the step and sings during the production
Teddy Roosevelt is shown addressing the audience at the end of the production
The cast of Newsies Jr. is shown dancing during the show
Jack is shown on stage holding a newspaper during the show
Members of the Newsies cast dance on stage as the audience looks on.
The Newsies raise their hands in the air in solidarity after forming a union
Members of the Newsies hold up newspapers for the audience to see.
Newsies show the audience newspapers while singing
Katherine and Jack work on the printing press
Katherine sings a solo during Newsies
Katherine points at Jack as other Newsies look on
Newsies are shown singing and dancing while others look on from in front of the stage
Katherine speaks with the Newsies
The Newsies are shown singing on stage
Katherine speaks with Jack as the other Newsies look on
Katherine takes notes as the photographer look on
The Newsies huddle on stage as some others sit on the steps
Members of the Newsies cast dance on stage during the show
The Newsies bunch together and dance with their hands in the air
Jack leads the Newsies in solidarity with his fist in the air
Crutchy sits with other Newsies on the stairs
Medda is shown on stage with her hand in the air
THe Newsies are shown with their hands raised on stage during the performance
The Newsies are shown dancing on the stage
Katherine sings on stage during the performance
One of the cast members is shown singing
The actors are shown dancing during the show
Some of the dancers are shown with Medda and Jack
Some of the Newsies are shown speaking to each other on stage
Katherine speaks to some of the Newsies
The Newsies speak on stage together
Pulitizer and his companions speak on stage
Medda and her dancers sing and dance during the show
Medda is shown dancing during the performance
Pulitizer sits at his desk while others listen to him during the show
Members of the Newsies walk up the stairs
Pulitizer sits at his desk during the performance of Newsies
The Newsies are shown standing on the upper story of the stage
Jack speaks with crutchy and the other Newsies
The Newsies collect their papers for the day
The Newsies are shown getting newspapers to sell
Members of the cast are shown dancing on stage
The cast is shown leaping in the air during a dance routine
Crutchy, Katherine, Jack and the other Newsies are shown speaking
The Newsies dance and sing during the performance
Members of the Newsies dance during the show
Jack speaks during the performance with his arms outstretched to his side
Two of the Newsies speak while one touches the other's face
Jack and Crutchy speak on the second story of the stage
Jack stands in front as the other Newsies look on
Jack and Crutchy speak during the performance

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Jack Kelly, Charlie McKee

Crutchie, Alessia O’Kane

Race, Carlos Zapata

Davey, Brayden Clark

Les, Lucy Ring

JoJo, Mia Sakran

Specs, Malia Otondi

Pigtails, Courtney Gilmartin

Albert, Tullin Swirski

Muriel, Callie Pascale

Romeo, Katie Howard

Buttons, Josephine Gilmartin

Hazel, Reilly Constant

Nancy, Aileen Henry (Dance Captain)

Tommy Boy, Jane Scott

Scab 1/ Newsie, JP Lonergan

Scab 2/ Newsie, Powell Bos

Scab 3/ Newsie, Chloe Parmiter

Brooklyn Newsies, Sofia Tamayo-Ricardo, Jillian Stephens, Lucy Gold, Natalie Glover, Virelai Preftakes, Reagan Bardolf, Amelia Deighton, Nayeli Shekher, Lavinia Pereira Morais, Brooklyn Jerabek

Spot Conlon, Maddie Maguire

Joseph Pulitzer, Ryan Feldman

Katherine Plumber, Eleanor Condon

Bunsen, Jay Kurland

Seitz, Samantha Rebele

Hannah, Stella Stobart

Wiesel, Ethan Mutschler

Oscar, Chace Thomas

Morris, Ryan Melloy

Darcy, Eva Lestari Singer


Sienna Ferreri

Medda Larkin, Alice Kiamie

Ethel, Bowery Brigade, Natalie Glover

Ada, Bowery Brigade, Reagan Bardolf

Olive, Bowery Brigade, Jillian Stephens

Iris, Bowery Brigade, Lavinia Pereira

Morais Snyder, Lexi Cullen

Police Chief, Lucy Gold

Police Officer, Vincent Marion

Teddy Roosevelt, Matthew DeRogatis

Dorothy, Liliana Simpson

Bill Hearst, Danilo Alves

Citizens of New York City, Abby Sucena, Ainsley Bloise, Ariel Field Manning, Caroline Gould, Charlotte Frost, Fiona Henry, Kyra Loewy-McCormick, Sophia Matsyna


Mr. Tom Beck 

Ms. Arshia Panicker

Mr. Jesse Pellegrino