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Summer Reading Goes Digital!

This summer, the PMS Summer Reading Program will be utilizing our digital book app Sora, to provide free audiobooks and ebooks to the middle school community. Sora, the official app of Overdrive is available via the Pelham launchpad and allows you to link both your school and public library accounts in order to access thousands of titles! However, only two or three digital copies of a book are available for check-out at the same time. Students can also utilize Hoopla. With Hoopla, everyone at PMS can read the same book simultaneously through the Pelham Public Library! Hoopla provides unlimited access to an assortment of e-books/audiobooks, movies, and tv shows.

Click on the appropriate button(s) above for some suggested books as well as some popular titles and authors found on Hoopla that you may want to read!

Have a great summer!