Art Department

Our mission is to stimulate critical thinking skills, encourage innovation, develop aesthetic awareness, provide opportunities for self expression, promote cultural awareness and instill a love and respect for Art among students K-12.

Through exploration of various art materials and rich aesthetic experiences, we provide a comprehensive program that will allow students an opportunity to develop a voice through their art, learn about Art in our world and make cultural connections through Art making and Art learning.


Art Coordinator

Devon Fallon
(914) 738-6690 x1225

Art Teachers

Lori Amer
Pelham Middle School
(914) 738-8190 x  2117

Kaycee Chersahore
Pelham Memorial High School
(914) 738-8110 x1220

Will Doyle
Pelham Memorial High School
(914) 738-8110 x1220

Mary Preston
Prospect Hill elementary School
Colonial School
(914) 738-6690 x

Rebecca Schwarz
Pelham Middle School
(914) 738-8190 x2056

Christina Levi
Pelham Middle School
(914) 738-8190 x2117

Emlyn Taveras
Hutchinson Elementary School
Siwanoy Elementary School
(914) 738-3640 x1749

Jane Wals
Pelham Memorial High School
(914) 738-8110 x1220