Counseling Services

the middle school counselors are shown

From left to right: Angela Snyder (Social Worker), Trisha Joseph (Psychologist), Sharon Charles (Social Worker), Gena Archer (Counselor), Lisa Cornacchia (Counselor), Scott Brown (Counselor)

Not pictured Tiziana Didonna (Psychologist)


The Pelham Middle School Counseling Department strives to support students academically and emotionally as well as prepare them for the transition to high school and beyond. 

Each year, the department hosts multiple events for students and parents, including transition nights for 5th grade parents and 8th grade parents to prepare them Pelham Middle School and Pelham Memorial High School respectively. Please view the school calendar for more information. 

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Program Sequence

Pelham Middle School strives to offer its students opportunities for a wide range of new experiences by providing a variety of courses. The following is a list of courses in our program and the number of times each course meets per six day cycle.


Students are required to take all NYS assessments unless exempted according to NYS regulations. The following exams are administered to all MS students:

Grade 6 

  • NY State Assessments

Grade 7 

  • Final Exams (School)
  • NY State Assessments

Grade 8 

  • Final Exams (School)
  • NYS  Language Arts Assessment
  • NYS  Math Assessment
  • Earth Science Regents
  • *Algebra Regents (if accelerated)

School Exams are administered during exam days at the conclusion of the school year. A special testing schedule will be mailed to parents in May.

High School Transcript

Any Middle School student taking a High School course (Earth Science, Foreign Language, Algebra I, Studio in Art) will have the grade(s) for those courses appear on his/her High School transcript. Regents grades will also be included on his/her High School transcript.

Honor Roll

The MS honor roll is designed to recognize student achievement. Students achieving honor roll status must have a 87.0 GPA (with no grade less than a “C”) with all grades being weighed equally (including core academic classes and specials).


Director of Counseling 

Eugene Farrell 
738-8110  ext. 1104

MS Counselors

Scott Brown

Lisa Cornacchia

Gena Archer
738-8190 ext. 1248

School Psychologists

Dr. Tricia Joseph

Dr. Tiziana Didonna
738-8190 ext. 1147

Social Worker

Angela Snyder
738-8190 x1126

Sharon Charles
738-8190 ext. 1218

Student Assistance Counselor

Justine LaDisa
Room 118A
738-8110 ext. 1118

Service Learning

At Pelham Middle School, we strive to inspire students to become caring members of their community who act to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We believe that a lifelong personal commitment to service is best cultivated when students have early opportunities to take thoughtful and positive action in developmentally appropriate ways.

In support of this process, the Pelham Public Schools requires each student to complete forty hours of community service before high school graduation. Students may begin accumulating their hours as early as the sixth grade.

We expect that each student will complete at least three hours of community service work before he or she enters high school, but middle school students may complete as many as 10 hours towards the high school requirement.

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